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Gibson Electric Guitar Strings

Gibson offers four series of electric guitar strings – Brite Wires, Signature, Special Alloy and Vintage Reissue. All are vacuumed sealed for freshness.

Brite Wires have a Swedish steel hex core wound with a nickelplated wrap producing a tone both bright from the steel hex core and warm from the nickel wrap. “They have great tone and are long lasting. They stay in tune and intone easily”, reports a satisfied customer. Another player states, “I play a lot of blues, and with all of the bends and pull-offs these strings stay in tune, amazing! The crispiness and sustain makes these strings ideal blues tools.”

Gibson’s Signature Series includes three sets customized for Les Paul and three other sets tailored to Ace Frehley, B.B. King, and Dicky Betts’ playing styles.. Each signature set uses gauging individualized to the signature player. The Les Paul strings are also pure nickel wound for a mellow vintage sound and a steel hex core enabling them to tune up faster and hold their tune longer. An LP10 player says, “For nickel strings these don't have that stiff feeling due to their smaller gauge wrap & thicker core that makes for a smooth feel. The cloth wrapped ends not only are easy on the ABR bridges but also have a cool look to them for a vintage appeal.”

The Special Alloy Series are the only strings specially made to suit humbuckers. With a special core and wrap wire combination they get maximum sound from high output pickups.

The Vintage Reissue Electric Series are available in three gauges, “Standard” 9’s, 10’s and 11’s. Gibson uses only the best Swedish steel hex core wrapped with pure nickel wire to produce a mellow and full tone. A VR11 player reports a “warm, solid tone.”

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