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Gibson Strings

We carry a variety of Gibson strings, including: Gibson electric guitar strings, Gibson Acoustic guitar strings, Gibson Banjo strings and Gibson Mandolin strings.

Gibson guitar strings for electric guitars are available in 6 varieties. Gibson Brite Wires guitar strings are specially made to produce a crisp attack, with added warmth from the nickel plating. They are nickel plated steel round wound on Swedish hex cores and will tune up quickly and hold their tone. Brite Wires are the choice of pros world wide. Gibson Special Alloy Humbucker guitar strings are the only string optimized for use with humbuckers. These Gibson strings use a special core and wrap wire to make a special formula ideal for getting the most from high output pickups. Gibson Nickel Wound L-5 strings are designed for players who want a jazzier, heavier feel to their strings, but still like round wounds. Gibson Powerlines electric strings are extra heavy and designed to be tuned down.

Signature Gibson guitar strings come in several varieties. Gibson Les Paul strings are pure nickel wound for a smooth vintage sound and are available in extra light .009 - .042 or light .010 - .046 gauges. We also carry Gibson Ace Frehley signature strings, Gibson B.B. King signature strings (featuring his special .010 - .054 gauge) and Gibson Dicky Betts signature strings (featuring his special .010 - .044 gauge).

Gibson J-200 Acoustic Guitar strings feature Gibson’s deluxe phosphor bronze alloy. They are the same strings that come standard on the J-200 Jumbo acoustic guitar. These Gibson strings have excellent attack and presence, giving your guitar a cutting voice. J-200 strings are vacuum sealed. Gibson Masterbuilt Acoustic Guitar strings are phosphor bronze wound and designed for their Montana’s flat top acoustics. Masterbuilt Gibson guitar strings will help you get the expressive, natural tone you want from your guitar. Masterbuilt strings are vacuum sealed.

Gibson banjo strings are available in both Monel wound and Earl Scruggs signature nickel plated steel  Gibson Monel banjo strings are available in .012 - .025 gauge with either wound 4th or wound 3rd and 4th. Gibson Earl Scruggs banjo strings feature a nickel wound 4th and are available in either Light .0095 - .020 or Medium .010 - .022 gauge.

Gibson Mandolin strings are available in three varieties. Gibson 167ML mandolin strings feature an 80/20 bronze wrap on the wound strings, giving you a crisp, clear sound. Gibson Bill Monroe mandolin strings use a phosphor bronze wrap on the wound strings to give you a slightly warmer sound. Gibson Sam Bush Signature mandolin strings use Monel windings for Sam Bush’s unique sound.

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