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GHS Strings

GHS Strings makes strings for a wide variety of musical instruments. We carry GHS acoustic guitar strings, GHS classical guitar strings, GHS electric guitar strings and GHS electric bass strings.  We also carry the rest of GHS’s full line of fretted instrument strings including: GHS single strings, GHS bajo sexto strings, GHS bandurria strings, GHS banjo strings, GHS baritone guitar strings, GHS bouziki strings, GHS cuatro Strings, GHS double bass strings, GHS dulcimer strings, GHS electric acoustic bass strings, GHS fiddle strings, GHS Hawaiian lap steel Guitar Strings, GHS mandola strings, GHS mandolin strings, GHS oud strings, GHS pedal steel guitar strings, GHS requinto strings, GHS resophonic (dobro) strings, GHS Steinberger strings, GHS tenor guitar strings, GHS tiple strings, GHS ukulele strings and GHS vihuela strings.

GHS guitar strings, and all GHS strings, are made to standards that will exceed the player’s expectations. GHS Strings was founded in 1964 combining experience in string making with a family owned business. 46 years later GHS is one of the leading makers of musical instrument strings. They are staffed by people dedicated to and experienced with string making technology.

GHS Strings has been continuously innovating with helpful tools like their Brightness Bar, which you can see above. It is designed to show players which GHS strings will give them the tone they are looking for. GHS also collaborates closely with key artists, some of whom provide direct input on the string design process for GHS Signature strings. GHS is always involved in the ongoing effort to create new and better strings. GHS is also one of the few companies to make all of their strings available as GHS single strings, enabling players to make custom sets and replace broken strings.

GHS Strings has years of experience dating from 1964 and a reputation for quality. GHS continues to make the best possible strings for players around the world, and will continue to do so in the future. If you are looking for high performance strings, look for GHS Strings. GHS Strings are the String Specialists.

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