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Fodera Electric Bass Light 5 String, .028 - .100, 28100

Fodera Electric Bass Light 5 String, .028 - .100, 28100
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Product Reviews for Fodera Electric Bass Light 5 String, .028 - .100, 28100

Fodera Electric Bass Light 5 String, .028 - .100, 281005Paul MikulApril 13, 2010Oh friends, I am glad you asked me to come here and tell you how happy I am to have been ordering from you. I Love your service. I love that you have the strings available at any time and have found the string "Loves of my life". My whole playing has changed dramatically now that I have the proper strings and such a nice big choice to experiment with. I definitely love the fact that I don't have to pay outrageous prices for shipping also. Thank you very much for helping turn my $25000 Alembic into the bass that I dreamed of. Without finding these nickel Fodera strings on your site I was about ready to let the bass go when in fact it was just the strings that was the big issue. Now I love that bass so much that I cant put it down as well as my two other Alembics. The strings are like switching from hamburgers to Lobster as far as my playing goes. Mahalo and Aloha, Paul Mikul






1st C

Stainless Round Wound



2nd G

Stainless Round Wound



3rd D

Stainless Round Wound



4th A

Stainless Round Wound



5th E

Stainless Round Wound




"Fodera "Diamonds" are our series of handmade strings which we feel are the finest available. Modern technology and hand craftsmanship combine to produce the Diamond series trademark qualities of LONG LIFE, TONAL BALANCE, and UNIFORM TENSION. The E and Low B strings are tight yet fully responsive. Fodera "DIAMONDS" are made of the higest quality stainless steel music wire available. Wrap wire is compression wound by hand on a light round core under high, precisely controlled tension. This slow, painstaking process assures strings of lasting quality.

Fodera "DIAMONDS" are bright, smooth to the touch, extremely versatile, and as always, made by people who care!"

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