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Fiddle Single Strings

D'Addario Fiddle Single Strings
JustStrings.com offers five different types of D’Addario’s single fiddle strings: Fiddle Chrome/Steel (nickel flat wound on steel); Plain Steel E; Chrome Round Wound Violin A (aluminum wound on steel); Chrome Round Wound Steel D (nickel wound on steel); and Chrome Round Wound Steel G (nickel wound on steel). Unlike the warm music played on a violin, fiddle tunes are typically bright and rhythmic, and D’Addario single strings ensure that your instrument will always produce the scintillating tones that fiddlers and fiddle aficionados expect. That’s because D’Addario has been associated with professional quality strings for centuries. And now, the company’s research and development arm is one of its strongest assets. No wonder that the quality of all their single strings is respected worldwide. Why does JustStrings.com offer these D’Addario single fiddle strings? Because trying them all gives you an opportunity to decide which of the strings you like best when your bow brings them to life.
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