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Ernie Ball Electric Bass Guitar Strings

(Ernie Ball Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO FPO destinations)

Click here for Ernie Ball Electric Bass Guitar Single Strings.

Not sure what length you need? This might help: Bass String Lengths by Manufacturer

Ernie Ball bass strings are available in several varieties including: Coated Bass nickel plated steel, Flatwound, Slinky nickel plated steel and Slinky stainless steel.  Ernie Ball bass guitar strings are made from the freshest and finest raw material at their factory in the Coachella valley in Southern California.

Coated Ernie Ball electric bass strings, are available in four string sets with gauges from .045 - .100 to .050 - .105 as well as a .045 - .130 five string set.  They have longer life than regular strings combined with great playability.  They feature a very thin layer of Ernie Ball’s proprietary enamel coating which protects the strings and helps to preserve their brightness, all while keeping the feel of regular, uncoated strings.  Ernie Ball bass strings last significantly longer than uncoated strings, letting you change and buy strings less often.

Their Flatwound bass strings are available in gauges from .040 - .095 to .055 - .110.  Ernie Ball flatwounds are wound with flat chrome plated steel wound around a hexagonal tin plated steel core.  These Ernie Ball bass guitar strings provide a mellow sound with a smooth, silky feel.  Flatwounds are the original type of electric bass string.  If you want the vintage tone of the 1950s and 60s, flatwound strings are the way to go. 

Ernie Ball Nickel Slinky bass strings have round nickel plated steel windings over tinned steel hex cores and deliver clear tone with a lot of punch.  Ernie Ball Slinky stainless steel bass strings have a round stainless steel wrap wound around tinned hexagonal steel cores.  These Ernie Ball electric bass strings produce a very bright, powerful sound, and last longer than nickel plated steel strings.

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