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8 String Guitar Strings

D'Addario 8 String Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball 8 String Guitar Strings
S I T  Strings 8 String Guitar Strings
If you're an 8-string guitar player, you'll know that it's not always easy to find high-quality 8-string guitar strings for your instrument. At Just Strings, we have professional-quality sets from top names like D'Addario, Ernie Ball and S.I.T. Strings that bring out the full tonal range of your instrument. As one of the leading guitar string manufacturers in the world and a family owned business since the 17th century, D'Addario produces super light gauge and "light top/heavy bottom" nickel-plated, precision-wound strings that are specially designed and optimized for 8-string electric guitars. They will give you a bright tone, with plain top strings that are flexible for bending and a powerful, resonant low end for a full, rich sound. D'Addario 8-string guitar string sets come in corrosion-resistant, environmentally-friendly packaging. Ernie Ball's 8-string Slinky set builds on their legendary brand, used by such musical luminaries as Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. Their custom gauge nickel-wound strings for 8-string guitar give you a gauge range of .10 to .74, for a beautiful, rich sound. The S.I.T. brand of 8-string guitar strings is known for their long-lasting "stay in tune" quality. These power-wound strings feature a nickel-plated cover wrap over a hexagon core, and are their most widely used strings. They provide a bright sound along with their legendary longevity.
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