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DR Strings Flat Wound

DR Strings Legend Flatwound guitar strings are available in three gauges.  We carry the DR FL-11 .011 - .048 set, the DR FL-12 .12 - .052 set and the DR FL-13 .13 - .054 set.  DR Flatwound strings are made from polished stainless steel flat ribbon wound on hexagonal steel cores.  DR Legend Flatwound electric guitar strings are designed for players that want a smooth, warm tone.  They are mainly suitable for jazz players and hollow and semi-hollow body guitars.

DR Strings Legend Flatwound guitar strings differ from their roundwound strings because they are round with steel ribbon instead of wire.  They feel smooth because they are flat; winding with ribbon instead of wire eliminates the small bumps and grooves that all roundwounds have.  The lack of bumps and grooves on the DR flatwound strings helps eliminate finger noise and squeak.  Some players feel that flatwounds tend to have more noticeable friction between the string and their fingers.  This is due to the increased contact area between the flatwound string and one’s finger when compared to the contact using a roundwound string.

DR Legend Flatwound electric strings have a warmer sound than roundwound strings.  Some players consider flatwounds to have less sustain than roundwound strings.  DR Legends are fine jazz guitar strings that will deliver classic jazz tones.  If you are just making the switch to flatwounds, it might be advisable for you to try the .011 gauge set first and then decide whether you’d like to move up to the .012 or .013 gauge. 

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