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DR Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings

DR acoustic strings are available in many varieties, including: several colors of EXTRA-Life color coated, Hi-Beam, Phosphor Bronze, Sunbeam and Zebra.

DR EXTRA-Life strings give the player a new kind of coated string without sacrificing the tone or volume of regular DR Handmade Strings. EXTRA-Life strings have a very thin .0003 inch thick coating on both the plain strings and the wrap wire. DR Hi-Beam 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar strings are designed to give you maximum brightness to enable you to cut through a full band of bluegrass musicians, or to get a little bit of extra clarity and sparkle from dull or muted sounding guitars. DR Strings acoustic sets offer all of this and more.

Juststrings.com carries 3 different kinds of phosphor bronze DR acoustic strings. DR Rare phosphor bronze strings have a lower tension than regular acoustic strings as well as a loud and warm sound. DR Pre-Alloy phosphor bronze strings have a normal amount of tension for an acoustic string. These DR acoustic guitar strings have a brighter and more balanced tone than other strings. DR Sunbeam phosphor bronze strings are wound on round cores; this gives them more sustain than typical strings. They are very flexible, easy to play and have a rich, bright sound.

DR ZEBRA acoustic-electric strings are unique. Designed for instruments with either a sound hole pickup or a piezo pickup, ZEBRA acoustic electric strings work equally well on both. Rather than winding the entire string with bronze or with nickel, ZEBRA DR acoustic strings use alternating windings of bronze and nickel, producing a Zebra-like effect. This is not for aesthetics, but rather to allow the strings to have the rich sound of bronze while still having the output necessary to use with magnetic pickups.

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