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D'Angelico Electric Guitar Strings

“These have to be the best strings I have ever used and abused. They have sharp, sweet tone and feel great and they can withstand heavy chops for a long time,” reports a D’Angelico Hot Nickel Concept Tens player. D’Angelico offers four types of electric guitar strings – Hot Nickel Concept, Nickel Rollerwound, Nickel Roundwound and Stainless Steel Flatwound.

Hot Nickel Concept strings are nickel round wound and are available in five sets from ultra light to medium gauge. The thinly nickel plated windings on theses strings are wrapped around a core of ultra magnetic steel. The increased magnetic response is slightly mellowed by the thin nickel coating which also smoothes the string surface and helps reduce fret wear. A pleased customers says, ” “These strings have the best tonal longevity and most tuning stability I've ever found, even with generous Floyd Rose abuse, and they hardly ever break!”

Roller wound strings by D’Angelico are nickel wound also, but with a flatter string surface. Four sets are available in gauges from ultra light to light. A player states, “Nickel rollerwounds are key to getting that vintage 50s/60s tone. Brighter than you think, no finger noise, much less fatigue.” Another says of the SRH set, “These seem to be one of those little secrets. They have a low price, excellent tone, and are slightly smoothed by being roller wound. No fancy coatings, no silk wound ends, just a very nice set of strings for a guitar. All in all they do a great job.”

Nickel round wound sets are electric/acoustic strings and are offered in four sets from extra light to medium gauges and have a wound third string. “Excellent tone, extremely good lifespan and consistent quality,” reports a satisfied customer of the 200L set.

Stainless steel flat wound sets are primarily used for jazz and also have a wound third. They are available in four sets from ultra light to medium. ““Outstanding strings. They seem to last forever and give you a nice rich and warm sound. A great bargain for a great string,” says a FW-M set player. An ultra light gauge player likes the “smooth and brilliant tone and their right size for difficult articulations,” and how well they work for “jazz and mellow interpretations.”
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