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D'Angelico Electric Bass Guitar Strings

D’Angelico has electric bass guitar strings in three different series – Hot Nickel Round Wound, Low Riding Hot Nickel Round Wound, and Stainless Steel Round Wound.

The Hot Nickel Concept round wound strings are available in two sets. These are bright strings but with a warmer tone than stainless steel. The “Hot Nickel” material used for the windings is a very magnetic stainless steel with a thin nickel plating. The nickel coating gives a more comfortable feel and improved corrosion and fret wear resistance. The 4-string set is in an extra light gauge, and the 5-string set is medium gauge. 5 and 6 string sets are also available. All are long scale.

Three sets are available in the Low Riding Hot Nickel Concept. These strings have the “Hot Nickel” material of the regular Hot Nickel strings, but with a thinner diameter at the winding end, so the string will fit lower in the saddle giving a more brilliant sound with more tension and flexibility than traditional strings. They are offered in light and medium gauge in long scale, and light gauge in extra long scale.

Stainless steel round wound sets are offered in two 4-string sets in light and medium gauge and in one 5-string set in medium light gauge.

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