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D'Angelico Acoustic Guitar Strings

“These are great strings. Full of tone and sustain. Extremely playable…A really fine warm and full tone!” states a D’Angelico phosphor bronze, ultralight set player. Nine sets are offered by D’Angelico in two string materials – 80/20 bronze and phosphor bronze – in gauges from ultra light to heavy.

Customers report the 80/20 bronze strings as “reasonably priced, yet excelling in quality,” and “of consistent excellence in addition to having a bright, rich sound that projects on every string … and the quality of the volume and tone provided by D'Angelico mediums is exactly what I am looking for and have come to rely on.”

The phosphor bronze strings are, according to reviews, “very warm and bright, responsive in all tonal ranges and with moderate but exceptionally clear volume … the most impressive feature of the strings is the tonal balance with the each string expressing it's unique voice but complimenting the next. Squeak factor, less than average.”
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