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D'Addario 8 String Guitar Strings

For those players looking for a rich-sounding set of strings for their 8-string guitars, we have the D'Addario 8-string guitar set. Both sets feature nickel-plated steel which is round wound onto a hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. The result is a set of strings that provide a bright-sounding tone. The EXL 120-8 D'Addario 8-string set includes .009 to .065 gauge strings, while the EXL 140-8 Lite Top Heavy Bottom set has gauges ranging from .010 to .074. This combination of strings is perfect for low end power with plain steel strings on top that are flexible for bending. The XL nickel-wound D'Addario 8-string guitar set feature the company's most widely used electric guitar strings, which are prized for their exceptional intonation and long life. All strings are made in the U.S. and come in corrosion-resistant, environmentally-friendly packages. For high-quality, professional performance, try D'Addario strings for 8-string guitars.
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