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D'Addario Classical Treble Set Black Nylon Hard, BNH-3T
Price: $1.47
Sale: $1.32
D'Addario Classical Treble Set Clear Nylon Hard, CNH-3T
Price: $2.21
Sale: $1.99
D'Addario Classical Treble Set Clear Nylon Alto, CNA-3T
Price: $1.47
Sale: $1.32
D’Addario gives the classical guitar Pro Arte player a number of choices to customize their sound while getting premium strings with the projection and longevity they have come to expect from D’Addario. Eleven sets provide options for gauges, as well as different materials for basses and trebles.

Pro Arte bass strings all have a multi-filament core for good projection and a consistent sound you can count on. You can choose between silver plated copper or 80/20 bronze wire wound on this core. Silver plated basses will provide the warm tone most classical players look for. The 80/20 bronze wound basses have a more acoustic sound with an easier touch. If reduced finger noise, especially for recording purposes, is important, one set (EJ51) contains semi polished, silver plated basses which serve this purpose well.

State of the art lasers control the precise production of all Pro Arte treble strings. You will notice that their diameter and tension are true for every set. All sets contain clear nylon trebles except two (EJ 49 and EJ 50) which have black, nylon trebles. These trebles have a richer sound, plus more tension and projection.
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