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Snarling Dogs Electric Bass Woofers Nickel, .040 - .095, SDN40

Snarling Dogs Electric Bass Woofers Nickel, .040 - .095, SDN40
Snarling Dogs
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Product Reviews for Snarling Dogs Electric Bass Woofers Nickel, .040 - .095, SDN40

Snarling Dogs Electric Bass Woofers Nickel, .040 - .095, SDN405E.D.April 4, 20115 stars for consistent quality after 75 sets. Great strings at a decent price even though they're attitude at NAMM this year was dismissive to say the least. Great consistent tone, no serious hot spots and a really good bite in the top end. Lows are strong and clear. Slap tones and harmonics really stand out. I play with a pick and fingers so I switch around regularly without changing basses. I can only do this with quality strings that I trust. I have recorded four albums with them so far and the quality from session to session isn't as issue. No breaks, no over wraps, and (a huge peeve for me) no burs.....think shitty GHS. One little personal thing I look for in a string is it's dryness. Some strings feel oily or saturated to me but the Snarling Dogs are really dry making a good solid contact. It's essential. These beat out other string brands when I was looking for something to replace the Fender 7150's when Fender dicked out and hiked the prices by 15%. "Yeah Fender, how'd that work out". These strings are a great alternative to being a slave to a corporate monster. I started buying them when JustStrings had them at $11 a set but good things don't last. Although the 7150's did go back to a reasonable price, they lost me forever even if they closed the Mexican plant due to piss poor quality and moved it back to the USA. The free set Fender gave me at NAMM wasn't worth the space it took up in my luggage on the flight home. Yes they were terrible.
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