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C.F. Martin Guitar Single Strings

There is perhaps no guitar builder as legendary as C.F. Martin & Company. Since 1833, Martin guitars have been world-renowned as the highest quality instruments available. They bring their many years of expertise to their string manufacturing, with the same level of quality and commitment. Our C.F. Martin guitar single strings give you the ultimate in convenience, whether you need to replace a single string or are looking to build your own custom set for just the right sound. The Classical Guitar single strings are available in clear nylon with plain or ball ends for the 1st E string, and in silver-plated wrapped nylon (plain or ball end) for the 4th D string. We also have 5th and 6th strings with ball ends. All come in special envelopes that resist corrosion and keep the strings fresh. Our CF Martin single guitar strings also come in silvered steel (.009-.017 gauges), 80/20 bronze wound (.023-.056 gauges) and 92/8 phosphor bronze (.023 and .025). Silver-plated steel gives the strings a clean, crisp tone. The 80/20 wrapping is 80 percent copper with 20 percent zinc added for hardness, making the strings more durable. The 92/8 refers to 92 percent copper and 8 percent tin phosphide in the wrap wire. The copper makes the sound bright, while the phosphor helps maintain the tonal range. Martin's SP acoustic guitar single strings are available in bronzed steel, 80/20 bronze wound or phosphor bronze. We have these long-lasting strings in gauges ranging from .012 up to .056. These strings are constructed of high-tensile strength cores with advanced technology wrapping materials that provide a rich, full sound while preserving the string's tone. With our low prices on these CF Martin single guitar strings, you can experiment with different styles and gauges until you find just the right combination for your particular instrument and playing style.
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