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Banjo Guitar Strings

GHS Banjo Guitar Strings
La Bella Banjo Guitar Strings
Banjo guitar strings are designed to fit the banjo guitar, also called the 6 string banjo, banjitar or guitjo. It is a six string banjo tuned and played like a guitar. Banjo guitar strings, or banjitar strings, are tuned E, A, D, G, B & e. The banjo guitar was most popular during the 1920s, and was often used for early jazz and swing music. We sell 6 string banjo strings made by GHS strings and La Bella.

The six string banjo is difficult to classify. Many 5 string banjo might say that the banjo guitar/6 string banjo is not a banjo at all, but merely an interesting variation of the acoustic guitar. Other players might classify the banjo guitar as undoubtedly a banjo, since it looks and sounds like one. The six string banjo/banjo guitar is a very interesting instrument. It enables guitar players to get banjo tone without learning a new instrument. It does not sound like a 5 string banjo. There is no unwound fifth string, since the banjo guitar is strung like a regular guitar. It sounds like an acoustic guitar with banjo tone quality. It is also capable of producing much lower notes than the traditional 5 string banjo. Interestingly, and probably due to the thicker neck, a banjo guitar/6 string banjo usually has much better sustain than a traditional banjo.

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