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Improve your tone with our premium Corelli Alliance viola strings. Composite fibers and technological innovation produce superior tonal quality and strength.
Savarez classical strings are known around the world. Since 1770, they have been leaders in innovation and development, producing exceptional strings for violin, viola and other instruments. The Corelli Alliance viola strings are made from composite fibers that were developed to have strength and elasticity for the best tonal quality and playing comfort. These strings, made from special polymer, have comparable sound quality to gut strings but without being sensitive to changes in air temperature and humidity. They produce a clear, rich tone with the longevity and stability of a synthetic string. You can choose from a full set or select individual strings. The A string is Aluminum Wound on Stabilon, the D is Aluminum/Silver Wound on Synthetic KF, the G string is Silver Wound on Synthetic KF and the C is Tungsten Wound on Synthetic KF. Corelli Alliance strings can be mixed with either synthetic nylon or gut strings.
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