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Adamas Acoustic Guitar Strings

Adamas strings are available for guitar (acoustic, electric and 12 string), bass (electric and acoustic/electric), mandolin and fiddle. Most sets are in environmentally friendly packaging.

Acoustic guitar strings by Adamas are either phosphor bronze (extra light, light or medium) or bronze composite (light). Phosphor bronze strings will usually last longer than bronze, however bronze strings sound brighter and some players find they are easier on the fingers, especially for finger style playing. Both materials keep a balanced and consistent tone from string to string. This quality is enhanced with Adamas’ exclusive “composite gauging” - the fifth and sixth (A and E) strings are manufactured with the same diameter wire for both the core and the wrap. When both parts of the wound string are the same diameter and therefore vibrating consistently, the sound produced has more amplitude and precision.

Adamas guitar strings tend to have a more focused bass and mid section in their tone, and provide more flexibility to the player due to the unique winding process.

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